Allen has been in the woods, on the lake or in the outdoors most of his life. Growing up his father had the family on the lake camping, hiking, and fishing all the time. If it was hunting season they were in the woods hunting whatever it was time to hunt; squirrel, turkey, deer or whatever. The outdoors not only kept Allen off the streets and out of trouble but gave him a good sense of direction. It taught him how wonderful and natural nature can be. He will tell you he spends more time preparing for hunting season then fishing nowadays. When hunting season is over Allen knows it’s time to prepare for next season. There are always stands to work on, food plots to prepare, bush-hogging to be done, trail cameras to set out, and then the next thing you know he is back in his stand or blind. “I love being in the woods, it’s my place to clear my head and figure out what’s really important in my life.”


Kevin can’t remember a time when the outdoors was not a part of his live. Growing up with a very strong and close family in Oldham County, Kentucky, his father had him in the outdoors for 30 of his 38 years teaching him to hunt and fish. He now lives in Mt. Washington, Kentucky and hopes to get his three daughters out and into the wildlife to share it with them. He plans to teach them to hunt just about any game anyone is ready to cook up. Kevin has a passion for duck, turkey, bow hunting for deer and fishing. He would love to try some bow fishing soon, as well.


Jeremy Russellberg

I’m Jeremy Russelburg born and raised In Kentucky. I grew up hunting with my family and have continued till this day. The outdoors is my passion and my way of life. I have been truly blessed to have my kids and family share the same passion as me today


With nearly 35 of his 40 years spent in the woods and on the water, John has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about where the wild things are. Growing up in rural Kentucky and being raised on hard work and horse farms has helped to insure his love of all things outdoors. Successfully taking many bucks in the 130 to 160 class range, he knows the hard work and dedication that is involved. Countless hours outdoors only serves to remind him that time is a human institution. Everything in the woods and water lives life on their own time, in the own ways, and by their own means. And when you become in tune with that, it makes you a much better outdoorsman.